Meeting Space Available for Portland Tech groups announced at Ignite Portland

February 19th, 2009

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Welcome Ignite Portland followers! Here’s our sponsor video:

About Our Space and Availability

Sixteen stories above Pioneer Courthouse Square on the top floor of our building, we have a space that can accommodate groups as large as 250 or as small as 16. It has a patio with grand views of the West Hills and two grills for summer time BBQs. Here’s a little more about the rooms and their amenities:

Main Room

This space can hold up to 150 people. It has a kitchen and large projector screen, as well as a flat screen TV. You can access the patio from this main room, which can hold 20-30 people. Tables are available for seated events as well.

View of main room

Lecture Room

This space can hold up to 40 people comfortably. The speaker has a lectern that faces the room with a projector screen.

View of main room


The classroom has room for 32 people to have deskspace (16 spots come with computers). All of the seats face a projector screen, which can be controlled by a speaker/teacher sitting at the workstation in the front of the room.


If you have a large event, the walls between the rooms retract into the walls providing a large, open room that can easily hold 250 people.

Reserve a room

If you are interested in holding an event in our space, please drop us a comment below and we will email you at the address you enter in the comment form. We’re just getting started here, so the process at the moment will be that we will work out the details over email. In the future, we may have something like a calendar and more formal rules, but for now it’s casual. Our plan is to offer the space for free to free events and to charge for paid events. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in our comments below as someone else likely has the same question.

Follow us

WebTrends employs over 300 people, many of whom are on Twitter (we have an official WebTrends Twitter account), Facebook, and more. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be rolling out more executive participation, so be sure to follow our CEO Alex Yoder and VP of Marketing Jascha Kaykas!

How did you make your IP5 sponsor video?

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27 Responses to “Meeting Space Available for Portland Tech groups announced at Ignite Portland”

  1. Rachel

    I am looking for an event space for a concert fundraiser I’m putting together. My very best friend is an amazingly talented singer, who recently got word that she has been accepted to attend a talent convention in Orlando, FL. However, she has to come up with the travel expenses. Please let me know if you can help me with this fundraiser, thank you!!

  2. Daniel Kaneshiro

    I am creating an online marketplace of meeting rooms, and would like to know if you would participate in our pilot project. Meeting Space as a Service. We are bridging the gap between the home and traditional office space through the introduction of the HybridOffice.

  3. Heather Matthews

    I am looking for a free meeting space for a informational insurance benefits meeting. We have a group of about 75 meeting on April 26. Would we be able to use the Lecture room on a regular basis?

  4. Pam


    I am looking for a free meeting space for a Toastmaster’s Group. We meet every Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm and have a max of 40 people. Would we be able to use the Lecture room on a regular basis?

    Thank you!

  5. Dominic Rivera

    We’re looking for a site to host a VMUG ( VMware User Group ) meeting on 2/3/2010. One of your employees suggested this site a while back. Please call or email 503.451.0486, would love to be able to have this at your site.


  6. Anthony Thurston

    I am interested in using this space sometime in march or april of 2010. I recently attended Wordcamp Portland an really liked the meeting place. I am trying to get a conference setup with CCP Games. Attendance would be 100 to 150, 200 people max. attendees would be coming from all over the world. Please get back to me with information on how to make this happen.

  7. Lori Kunkel

    I am interested in reserving a free small room to accomodate about 12-14 people on Sept. 16, 2009. Also would like to have wifi hook up if available. Please let me know if there is something available.

    Thank You,

    Lori Kunkel

  8. Anu Samarajiva

    Hi there,

    I don’t know how active this post still is or whether WebTrends is still offering this service, but I’m very interested if it is. Mercy Corps Northwest is looking to offer a QuickBooks seminar to our small business clients, and we need a space with computers to do it. I’m also looking for ideas on other possible computer spaces. I’d very much appreciate any pointers or help anyone can give!

    Thanks so much,
    Anu Samarajiva
    Education & Volunteer Coordinator,
    Mercy Corps Northwest

  9. Marci


    We’re a growing non-profit org and need a bigger room for our all-staff meetings and your locale sounds perfect! Please let me know if it is available on the last Friday of every month from 8-11am beginning Friday, July 31st. We have about 65 people who will attend.

    Thank you,
    Marci Lane
    Executive Assistant

  10. Ralph Stevens

    We have been conducting Job Seeker Conference in the Northwest. Teaching people how to create a strategy that fits this market.

    We are on the look out for a free space so that we can either eliminate or keep the fee very low.

    Our past meeting have been about 60, with tables and a place to write.

    Our next event is scheduled for April 23rd. We do not have a place for the conference.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Ralph Stevens

  11. AJ Dexter

    I’ve recently started an OWASP chapter for Portland, and am looking for a space. It would be unpaid, there are opportunities for sponsorship. Looks like you have a lot of interest, but if you have some more spots available I would be very interested in speaking with you.

  12. Carri Bugbee

    We’d love to chat about having a Social Media Club meeting at your venue. Can you call me ASAP about possibly having our March 23rd meeting there? Thanks!


  13. Selena Deckelmann

    Hi there, we’re interested in having the PuppetPDX group meet there. We’re a group dedicated to exploring configuration management of all types, and will start regular monthly meetings in March. Please get in touch! :)


  14. Justin Kistner

    Thanks Jerry, Thomas, and Linda for your interest in the space. I just emailed each of you to coordinate details.

  15. Linda Mears

    I’m interested in using the meeting space but we have a meeting coming up on short notice.
    What does WebTrends need from me or the group to reserve space?

  16. Jerry Casper

    I agree with Aaron. It’s great to see local businesses supporting the technical community in Portland. We’re looking for a space to hold an upcoming VMWare User’s Group. I’d like to talk with you about holding a user’s group meeting at your facility.

  17. Amber Case

    I’ve been to the WebTrends space before and enjoyed it. I’m interested in contacting you about the use of the space for a future paid event at some point. Thanks very much!

  18. Aaron B. Hockley

    Very cool. It’s great to see local businesses supporting grassroots groups in the community. I’m involved with both the Portland WordPress User Group and also WordCamp Portland and would love to chat further about using the space.

  19. Michele Warther

    @Stacey – WebTrends is located in the Pacific First Center (formerly the YMCA Building) next to Pioneer Square. Let’s us know if you’d like to hold an event

    @Thomas -Thanks, we are fully embracing the openness! The midi-chlorians continually speak to us, telling us the will of the openness. *wow I am a geek huh?*

  20. Stacey

    I’m just wondering what building your space is located in. Thanks!

  21. Thomas Bosilevac

    There are moments you look back on your career and say. I am glad I worked there. Thanks for creating that moment WebTrends. I am fully aware of the hard work that has been silently mustered and love every moment of watching it emerge. Stormtroopers beware … The quality of the Jedi mind trick beats out mass communication any day!