Visitor Intelligence – Best Practices for Reports and Starting Points

February 20th, 2009

Topics: Measurement

At one point or another, all of us have dismissed the need to share information because we assume that its common knowledge or simply intuitive.  When we slow down to think about (or someone else points it out), we realize that we have something to offer to help others.  That said, we’ve just released some best practices for reports and starting points in Visitor IntelligenceWebTrends, along with our customers, have learned a lot about creating, sharing, publishing, and organizing reports and starting points in Visitor Intelligence.

With a powerful ad-hoc, multi-dimensional tool like Visitor Intelligence, there are so many ways and options that it can be overwhelming.  So, we’ve compiled some best practices that will help report creators design and publish more usable, consumable reports.  Also, we’ve included some tips to help report viewers create and manage their own reports and starting points.

The best practices are now included in  ‘Using Visitor Intelligence’ a chapter of the Marketing Warehouse User’s Guide, available in the product Customer Center.

Happy analyzing!!!

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