Is Digital Marketing Easy? An Introduction To The Open Campaign

July 21st, 2009

Topics: Measurement, Optimization

My name is Myllisa and I’m a digital marketer. Actually, I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Webtrends. Together with our partners we provide solutions that are designed  to create marketing euphoria. We make it sound so easy. Launch a campaign, collect some data, look at it, make a decision, optimize, collect more data and report the results that show a positive ROI. EASY!

I’m here to tell you that that’s what I spend my days doing and it’s very rarely easy. <insert gasp here> It’s true. I’m a digital marketer, I work for a digital marketing optimization company and I’m openly admitting that digital marketing isn’t easy. But it is rich with data that provides a playground to test, optimize and improve and that’s what makes it challenging and fun – almost euphoric.

In the coming weeks we are launching a marketing campaign, along with our Open Exchange partners, that’s all about what goes into executing online marketing campaigns. The blogs on this site will tell the story about the online and offline tactics that we’re executing, what went into getting the program together – intergration with our CRM systems (Salesforce) for lead distrubution, how we tagged the site (analytics – Webtrends, PPC program – Ad Director, testing -Widemile and our banner campaigns-Eyeblaster) for data collection and many more elements that make up the campaign. You’ll see what we’re measuring, how we’re optimizing and ultimately the results.

I have to tell you it’s a little bit like that dream where you end up at school without any clothes on (I wanted to name it “The Naked Campaign”). Follow the campaign and you’ll see what’s happening behind the scenes, the people and partners we rely on, what we’re doing, what’s successful and what’s not-so.  You’ll even have the opportunity to weigh in when we’re making optimization decisions based on the data we’re collecting and reviewing together.

The Open Campaign

6 Responses to “Is Digital Marketing Easy? An Introduction To The Open Campaign”

  1. Tamara

    Myllisa, can you direct me to the webpage that explains the Open Campaign’s goal? That is, what consumer decisions does it seek? Thanks, Tamara

  2. Howard Levy

    Your site is very unclear about what you are doing. It mentions that you are tracking a major marketing campaign. Only after reading through these posts, do I see that it is a campaign promoting your own services. So you are creating a campaign with input from your audience – which is going to be entirely self-fulfilling. How is that supposed to help any company learn about what is effective in building a promotional campaign. The ad I clicked on promises to teach me what works better – Visual Pun, Sexual Innuendo, etc. I don’t see any information about that on your site, or any ads depicting any of those things. This in itself is disrespectful (and deceitful) to your reader to lure them in with a promise, and then not deliver. Based on what I have seen so far, I can’t imagine what anyone would learn from this campaign.

  3. Myllisa Jensen

    Hi Ricardo,
    Thanks for your note! We’re geared up to explore this campaign in depth, so hopefully we’ll give you a lot to think about and also a community to collaborate with. You can follow the campaign by RSS or sign up to receive Newsletter updates by email. Opt into either subscription on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

  4. Ricardo Pinilla

    Myllisa thanks for share your ideas, thoughts and how are you planning to deploy it. But, let me tell you that I a marketer, here in Colombia South America, trying to start a new consulting company in the field of Marketing plus Digital Marketing. But with all I just have read in your Web page, I know that I don’t know anything about digital marketing. Then, I would appreciate to know more about your launching and how the campaign results does and how are your organization tune up to get them. Then, I would appreciate you tell me how can I be in touch with this campaign.
    Ricardo Pinilla

  5. Myllisa Jensen

    Howard – Yes, we spent money on advertising to promote our products. The ad you’re referring to promotes how our products help track ad testing and optimization, including the factors we listed. Sharing the results of our campaign gives our customers a frame of reference when running their own digital marketing campaigns using our tools.

  6. Myllisa Jensen

    Tamara – Ultimately The Open Campaign is a lead generation campaign. We’re specifically looking for consumers to follow the campaign, download datasheets and request sales information. We’ll be talking more about these goals and how we’re performing as the campaign continues. We’re tracking consumer opinion with Customer Satisfaction Surveys powered by Foresee Results; tracking consumer bahavior with Analytics; and conducting tests on our lead generation calls to action. Read more about these tests in the Site Optimization section.


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