SEO Strategies for the Open Campaign – Part Two

August 29th, 2009

Topics: Optimization

Building Content

I like that this campaign is in a blog format, it provides us with interesting opportunities to strategizing strengthening our keywords without touching the bloggers copy. We will do this through the supporting structure of the site. As the weeks progress I will share all the strategies we utilize to strengthen our rank in the search engines.

The list of keywords I decided that we will initially optimize for the Open Campaign (based on the initial content I was given) will be:


More than likely the term webtrends will show up in our organic search results so I haven’t listed it here. Likely if we do receive traffic (remember: very short timeline here) for any of these terms, they will come in with the term webtrends attached to them and for now that is okay with me. If this were a long-term campaign I would definitely want to move away from my terms supported by my brand name.

Authority and Themes
It is good practice to build sites around the site as an authority on its theme. We’re challenged here because the Open Campaign is of such short duration and it is more difficult to expect it to be accepted as an authority but the time and effort we spend on strengthening our authority is not wasted. One of our goals is to learn as we go and learning about authority and themes are important SEO strategies.
A themed site that is built with the intention to grow into an authority site is a site destined for success.

Authority sites capture far more visitors than those sites laid out statically to entice a handful of strategized keywords. Since the intent of the Open Campaign is aggressive content building if I apply a strategy around strong internal and external linking the Open Campaign could eventually (given more time) become an authority site; think in the extreme and you get “Wikipedia”. As an authority, we ideally would benefit from this Open Campaign site as an authority in campaign building, including campaign measurement and campaign openness.

I intend to use the following terms to support the core terms above. Optimizing for supporting terms not because I think we will rank in organic search for them but as a way to draw visitors in with combinations I may not have considered initially but I know are important supporting terms for the “theme” of this site. These extra terms should add to the authority and theme of the site.

I won’t be tracking the support terms during the Open Campaign because in reality there is no possibility of attaining rank with them with this short of a timeline. I am eager to see if these terms do come in some combination of a phrase I had not originally considered.

Tracking Our Organic Search Engine Visitors

I will be tracking visitors coming in from the search engines. I have set up reporting for this and will talk about that more in a future blog. Everything is open here so you will know along with me not only how well the keywords are doing in the search engines for rank but which terms are pulling in traffic. As with any campaign we want to know how the visitor gets there, what they do while they are visiting and how they leave.

We can learn many things from our visitors through the keywords they use to get to us so optimizing for an array of supported terms gives us more opportunity to provide them entrance. If we then use this knowledge to provide them with a site that addresses their interest, ideally helping them once they get there to convert then we as a team meet with success.

I’m very interested in your thoughts and will gladly respond to your comments and questions.

The Open Campaign

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