Build a Case for Optimization! Webinar Now Available

December 23rd, 2009

Topics: Measurement, Optimization

Watch Webtrends’ Optimize Webinar Series and Learn How to Build a Business Case for Optimization

According to Bob Garcia, Webtrends’ Director of Product Marketing for Optimize, a lot of professional marketers believe the term “site optimization” means configuring a web site for SEO, performing site performance tweaks, and testing the integrity of a page’s HTML. I know I did, until I watched the webinar Build Your Business Case for Optimization and learned that that site optimization is a continuum of this three-step system:

  1. Testing (without assumptions)
  2. Targeting (defining meaningful customer segments)
  3. Personalization (predictive targeting)

Hosted by Bob Garcia and VP of Products Casey Carey, this comprehensive webinar will arm digital marketers with valuable information to share with budget-influencing senior executives. It starts off with an explanation of site optimization and details the enormous benefits of online testing. Then we learn how to start testing quickly for easy wins, and how to turn these wins into strong business cases for defending allocated marketing dollars for site optimization.

Bob and Casey do a great job explaining how to get value out of Optimize from the very first test, and identify the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome before this value can be quantified.

Here’s the link to the Build Your Business Case for Optimization webinar.

The next webinar in the Optimize series is scheduled for January 21, 2010. It will take a deeper dive into site optimization, and will cover:

  • Specific testing types and techniques
  • Real-life examples of page tests
  • What works/doesn’t work in site optimization testing

Look for an announcement for Optimize Webinar #2 soon. I’ll be sure to update this post with the link when it’s available! In the meantime, be sure to visit the very informative Webtrends’ Optimize blog for short lessons on site optimization.

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