Email Retargeting and CRM Integration Solutions for Visitor Data Mart

December 22nd, 2009

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We’re excited to announce new integration solutions. For customers eager to realize the value of Visitor Data Mart quickly, we’ve added new solutions for email retargeting and
CRM integration.

Email Retargeting
This new email integration solution can take your email marketing activities from good to great, resulting in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction. This solution
helps you:
• Increase revenue through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
• Re-engage inactive customers and visitors
• Engage with new customers to build loyalty and drive revenue
• Drive visitors to high-value portions of your web site

CRM Integration
The CRM integration solution provides valuable online behavior data to extend customer/prospect records including:
• Key behavior indicating likelihood to convert or purchase
• Types of content the customer/prospect is interested in
• Behavior indicating service or support needs
• Connect campaigns to sales opportunities
• Understand how customers/prospects are getting to your website
• Content/information they are looking for on your site
• Product interest

If you’re ready to take your one-to-one customer intelligence to the next level, or if you want to get more value out of your Visitor Data Mart solution, check out the new solutions, or contact your account manager at 877-932-8736.

4 Responses to “Email Retargeting and CRM Integration Solutions for Visitor Data Mart”

  1. Jennifer Wilson

    Eylem –
    Most companies today are using email as a remarketing or retargeting tool. Consumer focused companies like retail, commerce, and travel/hospitality tend to use email most, but even B2B companies use email to retarget, Webtrends included. Almost all of our existing Visitor Data Mart customer have integrations with their email solution of choice to fuel these targeting efforts.


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