Webinar Wrap-up: Integrating Offline and Online Data with Webtrends and Teradata

December 21st, 2009

Topics: Measurement

teradata-1 John Lovett, the former Forrester Research analyst who’s now on the Web Analytics Demystified team, recently joined Webtrends’ Jennifer Wilson and Teradata’s Paul Barrett in a webinar called Integrating Online and Enterprise Data.

In the webinar, John, Jennifer and Paul discussed not only the benefits of creating a personalized, internal system for your business using integrated offline customer data with online visitor traffic, but also how to do it. I personally watched this webinar and took copious amounts of handwritten notes—four pages, to be exact—and highly recommend it to any digital marketer wanting to gain a holistic view of ways to drive revenue, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs.

On a related note, Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder’s article on combining offline/online data was recently published in Teradata’s online magazine. In it he mused about the burgeoning need for businesses to recognize that the Internet has forever changed how consumers obtain information about products and services, and that “pulling together the offline and online data—conjoined marketing—will empower companies by letting them analyze every aspect of customer data and, most importantly, act upon it decisively.” Well said, Mr. Yoder!

You can read the article “The next big bang” here.

Go watch the excellent Integrating Online and Enterprise Data webinar and read Alex’s insightful article. You’ll learn a lot about why and how to integrate all phases and types of enterprise customer intelligence.


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