How Big Brands Attack Facebook Marketing: Webinar, June 25

June 18th, 2010

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Facebook Seminar: How big brands attack marketing on Facebook

Big brands take Facebook seriously. Why?

According to Syncapse

  • 68% of Facebook Fans indicate they are very likely to recommend a product.
  • Facebook fans reported spending $71.84 more per year than non fans.
  • The most valuable fan in the survey was that of McDonald’s who presented an annual value to the organization of $508.16.

So there’s not much mystery as to why they’re shifting millions of dollars from other marketing channels to Facebook marketing and measurement. When big brands spend big money on Facebook, you can bet they have a concrete strategy behind it.

So find out from Nick O’Neill, founder of, and Justin Kistner, Webtrends Social Media Evangelist, how top brands attack a Facebook strategy, how they measure success and most importantly, what you can learn from them.

Register now for our June 25th webinar, What the Big Brands Do On Facebook, and see how the big dogs do Facebook marketing.

Here’s what smart, big brands are NOT doing on Facebook:

  • Viewing Facebook merely as a traffic source
  • Doing nothing
  • Worrying about privacy debacles

Take note: You can still register for the upcoming Facebook marketing webinar from the American Marketing Association, Webtrends and There are, no kidding, 3,000+ people registered, so you’ll be in good company.

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