My Personal Journey: The Next Webtrends Marketing Evolution

June 15th, 2010

Topics: Measurement

Only two years ago Alex Yoder, and the Webtrends team, provided me  the opportunity to join this company at a monumental time of change and growth. And over the past two years we’ve had a phenomenal run at Webtrends. We’ve introduced groundbreaking upgrades to our core platform with Analytics 9, industry firsts with our Visitor Data Mart segments offering and Facebook analytics. Were joined by an amazing team via an acquisition of Widemile and we’ve thrown one of the best customer/industry conference I’ve ever attended. On a whole we’ve rebranded and relaunched Webtrends and we’ve increased the relevance of the Webtrends brand and our share of voice in the marketplace substantially.

I’m excited about the leadership position we’ve taken in the market of social analytics. Our work in this space has provided me with a wealth of information forever shaping the way I think about and manage marketing. The Iterative marketing model is the future and social media is affording us the ability to test and learn in ways many of us never imagined. It’s with this knowledge and passion for the social space that I’m announcing my departure from Webtrends at the end of this month.

I want to thank Webtrends for an amazing journey. In particular I want to thank Alex for his vision to bring me to Webtrends and my team, the marketing team, whom have been drivers and owners for a very aggressive and lofty vision we put in place. I have the deepest respect for my colleagues and while I will not be with Webtrends  l will always be an advocate. With my departure Webtrends is looking to find an amazing head of marketing; if you are that person or know that person please reach out.

I can say, definitively, that this lucky person will be joining one of the most amazing marketing teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you to my team, my colleagues in the industry, Voce Communications, Sandstrom Design, DK New Media, and Webtrends.


P.s., I’ll be announcing more about what is next for me in the coming weeks and will be relaunching with that news.

23 Responses to “My Personal Journey: The Next Webtrends Marketing Evolution”

  1. Bill Russell

    Jascha, I’ve enjoyed working with you, learning from you, socializing around you, blogging near you, and growing a little wiser because of you. It has been a pleasure to work in an environment that you have influenced and changed. And I hope, truly hope, that we will cross paths again.

    p.s. keep riding!


  2. Dave Canelis Dave Canelis

    Jascha, it has been a real pleasure and privlage working with you at Webtrends. You made me a social media desciple and it has changed the way I look at customer interaction and service.

    Vaya con Dios my friend!

  3. Amber Case

    It was very fun to meet and talk with you. Thanks for helping the tech community have a place to hold events!

    Best of luck where you go next! You will be missed.

  4. Ben Fogarty

    Jascha: Where do I start? I think I really met you when I read the job description you wrote for a Creative Director. That alone got me fired up and inspired to do something great. I have learned a ton from you and the team you built. Thank you for all of the opportunities you brought my way.

    I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon.

    Get Pumped,

    Ben Fogarty

  5. Brian Kardon

    Jascha –
    You have done amazing things at Webtrends. Thank you for your ideas, creativity, energy and friendship.

    Here’s to exciting things in your future!


  6. Scott Hoffman

    Jascha, what a great job you did for Webtrends…as always you are Da Man! I am excited to hear what company you will help re-invent next! knowing you, it will be cool!

    ’nuff said


  7. Elizabeth

    good luck. This means we get to widen the circle of webtrends friends to your new team which is all good. This is not the first time we’ve worked together, so I will look forward to the next time. Let me know when you want to light up a partnership between our companies.


  8. Michele Warther Michele Warther

    Jascha – Thank you. I am proud to have been a part of team you put together and it has been my pleasure to work with you as our leader.

    The iterative marketing model is something we will all be the better for having worked within. Can’t wait to see what you and have up your sleeve next.…now if you’d like to join us for the *new* best customer/industry event ever – let talk!

    p.s If you can’t trust anyone, then should you trust Diggles thoughts? Hmmm now that is something to ponder…..

  9. Kim Brater

    Wish you well on your new journey. You’ve made a positive mark on the Portland creative and marketing scene, so thank you for that. Keep in touch.

    Kim Brater

  10. Douglas Karr


    This is amazing news and I wish you the best. Thank-you also for having such faith in my young startup so we could help out your team – it’s been a fantastic opportunity with so many successes. You don’t know how important you’ve been to our growth and we are forever in debt!


  11. Robin Cangie

    Thank you for everything, Jascha. It’s been fun. It’s been real. And we’re all better for having known and worked with you.

    I wish you smashing success in your next adventure!

  12. Thomas King

    Jascha — the leadership and energy you put toward helping the community improve around digital marketing and analytics is commendable. In a short time you’ve made a real impact on my professional life, and for that I’m grateful.

    I expect to watch your next success with pride — and hopefully not too great a distance.

  13. Laurie Miles

    Whoah, didn’t see this one coming. Thanks for all you have done in your time at Webtrends. Please keep in touch and let us know where you are and what you are up to. It was great seeing you and conferences and seeing the changes you helped to shape.

  14. David Frey

    Jascha, thank you for everything you have done to pave the way for us here. I will be jealous of whoever gets to work with you in the next stage of your life. I’m looking forward to seeing the headlines that will undoubtedly follow in your wake.

    Stay sharp, stay happy, and stay true.

  15. Adron

    Looking forward to seeing where you head off to. Was great working with your team and talking with you whenever we had the chance. You did some amazing work @webtrends!

  16. Benjamin Diggles Benjamin Diggles

    I will always be loyal to you sir. Thank you for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time. You will be missed. Like lots.


    – Keep a watch on the skies but don’t breathe in chemtrails
    – Challenge the federal reserve
    – Avoid secret societies and push for transparency
    – Test your water for fluoride
    – Don’t eat fake foods
    – Stretch and meditate
    – Cover up all labels and branding
    – Tell your wife she is beautiful every day
    – Oh yeah, don’t trust anyone

    Godspeed friend. You’ll do just fine.

  17. Justin Kistner

    Jascha, just wanted to say thank you again for your leadership in marketing at Webtrends. You were the one that encouraged me to look closer at Facebook and it’s been huge for me.

    Look forward to supporting your next move and staying in touch!

  18. cory huff

    sad to see you go Jascha. Webtrends has done great things for Portland. Hopefully you’re sticking around here for your next venture!


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