The Business of Marketing Is Marketing

August 31st, 2010

Topics: Measurement

Why are marketers reluctant web analytics students?

I’m in charge of training people how to use web analytics, and some of my most reluctant students work in marketing.

Why? I didn’t know, so I sent an email to half of our Webtrends Certified Analysts, and I asked them: “What’s most valuable about the training you received in ‘Analytics for Marketing Professionals’?”

The answers were surprising.
For example, I got this from Adam who manages a digital marketing team:

  • “What was most valuable to me was learning how to get others to understand this data so that they see what awesome work my team is doing.”

Or this one from an anonymous respondent:

  • “Honestly, I think I was okay in analytics by myself. What I couldn’t do on my own is figure out how to get others to see what I was seeing.”

Similar thoughts from Nathan:

  • “I realized…visits, page views and other statistical data didn’t serve to enlighten the process as much as integrating analysis from supporting professions: usability, design, demographic profiling and psychographics. I think that is when life enters the analysis and creates opportunities for action and change.”

Huh? And I thought I was teaching analytics!
As more responses rolled in, I started to see a pattern: These participants weren’t learning a new skill, but rather learning how to use the skills they already had to better present their work and talent within their own organization. I was helping marketers market themselves.


This feedback has provided new insights for me.

(Raise my right hand on this oath.) “I will do a better job of telling marketers exactly why analytics training is worth their time and energy.” To that end, you can expect some changes both in what I’m teaching and how I’m presenting it during my classes.

Back To Basics
Marketers, you know you need to measure your work and present it to people in an understandable way; what you don’t know is Webtrends training can help you do that more effectively.

I want to reach out to more of you and ask some basic questions, so thanks in advance for any quips, rants, advice or colorful anecdotes you can offer.

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Thanks again for your feedback, and see you in class!

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