Fry designs a site and delivers a $1.2 Million Sales Growth

December 1st, 2010

Topics: Clients & Partners, Innovation, Optimization


Fry, Inc. designs, develops, builds and hosts some of the world’s most-recognized and visited e-commerce web sites. Online operations created and managed by Fry generated nearly one billion dollars in 2002.

Fry’s focus is developing e-commerce sites that not only look good, but more importantly, generate a substantial Return on Investment. Driven by this objective, the company is committed to the use of web metrics that thoroughly analyze the visitor experience in order to improve its clients’ web sites.


    With Webtrends insight, Fry:

  • Increased a client’s annual revenue $1.2 million by analyzing the checkout process with Scenario Analysis and streamlining it to remove trouble spots
  • Redesigned its own site, altering the navigation system based on Webtrends web metrics to more effectively drive traffic to desired content
  • Helps clients understand the value of specific pages and sections of a site at encouraging visitors to go further into the site and ultimately complete a purchase
  • Identifies-and fixes-problem areas of sites that lead visitors to abandon critical processes

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