Form Apps: A brave new webinar registration world

January 27th, 2011

Topics: Company News, Measurement, Optimization

We do a lot of webinars here at Webtrends. We’ve become some what of a machine. In no time at all we can crank out a registration landing page and promote it with an email and some ads. It’s quick, relatively painless, and it works. We drive registration and webinar attendance and the lead gen machine keeps churning. What we haven’t done (even though we know we should) is translate that registration experience into your preferred channel.

We all know that the addition of more channels into our marketing mix gives us the opportunity to connect with our audiences where they spend their time.  It’s a golden opportunity and the tools that are available to help us publish those messages into multiple channels are pretty outstanding. But we still weren’t doing it, because of all of those excuses you all know and love too: we’re too busy, we’re on a tight timeline, we don’t have enough resources, etc, etc. But today, we did it. We busted out of our webinar machine mold and surprise, surprise…it was so easy!

Check out this form app! We took our traditional webinar registration landing page and converted it into an app that we published to our facebook page and this blog post. Form submits from all three forms pass into our leads database automatically complete with campaign tracking so that I can get a handle on which channels people prefer (it’s so seamless it almost seems magical). AND now we can send our facebook ad clicks to the app and keep the entire experience in Facebook – I’m expecting our conversions to increase significantly. Brilliant!

Webtrends Engagement Apps made it so quick and easy for us to extend a tried and true registration process into your preferred channel. It’s awesome. So use this app to register for the webinar and come hear about how Dominos and other marketers are making the most of mobile, social and the web.

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