Organizational requirements for building a testing program

January 5th, 2011

Topics: Measurement, Optimization

Project SuccessHas your marketing moved beyond guessing? If your company is like a lot of other companies, someone within your organization (maybe you) has considered, tried but stopped, or is actively testing key entry pages, landing pages, funnels and/or other conversion focused pages of your website.

Our more than five years of experience in the site optimization space has given us with insight into what it takes for an organization to be successful in building an optimization program. Daniel Waisberg, founder of the website Online Behavior, asked me to write an article on the topic that can be read at: Organizational Requirements to a Successful Optimization Program

Building on this site optimization insight, I will be writing a series of related posts for this blog to provide a more holistic understanding of key requirements for site optimization (i.e. people, process and technology), exposing the required capabilities and resources as well as providing a framework for evaluating a vendor. Check back soon for the next post on the Webtrends blog.

Lastly, please do let me know your thoughts and if you have other optimization topics you want covered as my goal is to provide the most valuable and relevant information I can.

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