fMC: Facebook’s First Marketing Conference – Recap and Announcements

February 29th, 2012

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Our CMO Hope Frank was at Facebook’s first marketing conference,  fMC, in NYC today  – here’s a brief recap.


Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook

  • “People worry that technology will disconnect us, but studies show that technology strengthens us.”
  • This connection is also reshaping relationships with customers.
  • “Talking at customers” will no longer work.  Customers want to be part of conversation.

Chris Cox, VP of Product, Facebook

  • First version of news feed.
  • Ads are most interesting, far reaching content in Forbes magazine (from 1941).  Super beautiful media, supporting rich discussions.  Fashion photos of Burberry, witty conversations by Coke, etc.
  • Ads will become the most attractive part of the platform.
  • Interaction of anyone on Facebook with a Brand is just as awesome and rich as with their friends and family.

Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Global Business Marketing, Facebook

  • Going back to Stories.  Evolving from Ads to Stories.
  • Ads come from anyone at any time.  Stories come from people and things you’re connected to.
  • Lots of Ads add up to noise, but lots of Stories are the basis of our relationships.

New for Pages

  • Mission control for your business on Facebook, the place for your identity and launch pad for your Stories.
  • Later this year, available on smart phone.
  • American Express using the new Page (timeline).
  • Walmart.  Includes their Apps from their Page.
  • Redbull.  Using new pin-post feature.
  • KIA.  Using new timeline feature to turn page into virtual showroom.
  • Macy’s.  People can message you directly on your page to give personal, one-on-one reply.
  • New Story type called Offers.  Get promotions in front of most important customers.  One click.
  •  Offers are not available self-serve to start, but they’ll be available though in the future as self-serve
  • Will Smith’s production company.  Sharing videos.
  • Two things to remember:
    • Everything you do on Facebook starts with your Page. Express your identify and tell your stories.
      • News feed may reach 16% of your fans.  We can build a product to reach more of your fans.
  • Reach Generator
    • Make sure your fans see your Stories.  Reach 75% of your fans on a monthly basis.  Double engagement.
    • Beta clients:
      • Ben & Jerry’s: Stories are featured on Facebook home page.  Reach 98% of fans.
      • Dr. Pepper.  Reached 83% of fan on monthly basis.  Able to increase PTAT by 140%.
      • Butterfinger.  Reach 90% of fans.  Doubled PTAT. Picked up another 6 pts of brand favorability in a couple months of use.
    • Two things to remember:
      • Understand what content is engaging.
      • Use Reach Generator to increase distribution. Benefit from increased engagement.
  • Premium on Facebook
    • Most impactful way to distribute content on Facebook
    • Pages to be mission control.
    • Begin to increase distribution.  Right hand side of Facebook home page.  3x ROI.
    • Eligible for distribution in the News Feed.  Desktop and Mobile.
    • Fourth optional placement:  In the Logout experience as users log out.  (Available in April)
    • You concentrate on story/content.  Facebook concentrates on reach and distribution.

  (hat tip to  TechCrunch for photo)


For more info on Timeline for Pages, see article on Inside Facebook .

For Mashable’s Facebook Ads round-up, click here.




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