How BlackBerry Supports Its App Developers with Mobile Analytics, Powered by Webtrends

April 3rd, 2012

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 BlackBerry developer The Jared Company has created over 35 applications for the mobile device. The company makes a popular app whose users can assign specific LED indicator light colors to key contacts. There’s no way to put an ad on the LED, but Jared CEO Steven Kader wondered if he could put an ad on the setup screen–did users visit that screen often enough to drive revenue?

Mr. Kader used BlackBerry Analytics Service (BBAS) to get the answer. It’s a BlackBerry-branded version of Webtrends’ Analytics 10 for mobile.

 It turned out that only about 25 percent of users returned to the screen after the initial setup. “They didn’t come back as often as I was hoping, so that gave me the answer; it clearly wasn’t worth advertising on that screen,” Mr. Kader said.

If BlackBerry developers add features for people who can’t run them, create user experiences that don’t engage consumers or spend time and manpower supporting outdated versions of the OS, it costs money. RIM helps its developers avoid these problems with its Webtrends-powered analytics service.

BlackBerry developers love the service. More than 90% of developers RIM surveyed said that the BBAS demographics, technographics, event and key metrics reports were useful. Developers have used the data to answer very specific questions and some about their overall market. Implementation is easy, too. “I had concerns about battery consumption and overall performance of the Analytics Service SDK, but I never saw any of that and I would have noticed,” Mr. Kader said. “It is bulletproof.  It has worked from day one.”

BlackBerry Analytics Service also shows developers exactly how many people are using a given version of the BlackBerry OS. That information lets software makers offer features on the latest versions as soon as it makes sense.

“We work the masses,” said Mr. Kader. “There is no point in having a feature that only 10 percent of the people can use. Maybe next year there will be a part where 7.0 becomes dominant. I will know that based on the analytics. Without that there is no way to know.

“It has become a very important feature for me. Now I have more tools to show [clients] how their applications are being received by end users.”

To read the full customer story on how the Webtrends–powered Blackberry Analytics Service helps Blackberry developers, click here.


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