Seasons greetings… in October?!

October 29th, 2012

Topics: Optimization

If you’re in the retail business, the holidays are already here. But let’s be honest, the season is so important to the bottom line that it never really leaves in the first place; next year’s plan is secured before the last tick of the New Year countdown.  A successful shopping season takes long-range planning, but also is evolutionary enough to incorporate ongoing learnings into the plan.

Savvy marketers are keen to rack up learnings early and often, and they include online testing as part of their holiday growth strategy. By testing multiple variations of content in a shopping cart, a landing page, or across an entire site as the user moves through the buy flow, retailers can understand what converts to purchase, where users abandon, and why. Retailers often take this a step further, and test optimal content within different user segments, discovering how geographies, genders, new vs. returning visitors, etc., all behave differently, and more importantly, what gets them to purchase.

 Working closely with online retailers, Webtrends has helped marketers leverage the increased traffic of the holidays to quickly test for greater conversion to give their holiday season a boost. For retailers who have already incorporated testing into a long-range plan, we can help them test for greater lift before the holidays, so they can achieve greater conversion and revenue as soon as Black Friday hits.

We appreciate working with retailers, because their successes in online testing and content targeting provide such clear value for their business: revenue.

As discussed earlier this year, online retailer Motorcycle Superstore uncovered $2.5 in incremental revenue by testing and making changes to its shopping cart and purchase process. Motorcycle Superstore has incorporated testing into its ongoing business strategy, and they have continued to see huge gains through testing and segmentation.

In fact, you can hear it straight from the source. Join our webinar on November 14 titled “Stop Abandonment + Recover Revenue: Retailer Tips for Online Testing”.  Jason Miller from Motorcycle Superstore will discuss how he achieved early success as soon as he started testing, and how he uses testing to continuously improve conversion—not just online, but increasingly through mobile channels as well.

And as the days continue to shorten toward “the most wonderful time of the year,” consider how online testing and content targeting can help you reap the most from your holiday shoppers—not just this year, but as part of your ongoing business strategy.

Register for the webinar today! 

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