Holiday Wrap-Up: 5 Last Minute Strategies and Things to Check Twice!

December 21st, 2012

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As the holiday shopping season winds down and year-end approaches, the Webtrends Ads team would like to remind you of a few quick things to do so you don’t end up with any coal in your stocking or surprises before your New Year’s resolutions kick in!

1. ) Make sure that your publisher contracts are extended through January and that all of your campaign’s end dates are set properly – nothing worse than not serving on branded terms due to a simple date change.

2. ) If you’re capable of getting things shipped and delivered prior to the holidays, make sure that your creatives highlight this fact. If you’re offering it for free, even better – this is likely more important to the last minute shopper than the actual gift!

3. ) Once your shipping deadlines have passed, it’s usually time to turn things down – especially generic and holiday specific items as your shopping cart abandonment rate will increase considerably once people find out that the items won’t be delivered until the 28th.

4. ) E-gift cards are a great way to make some incremental revenue during the last few days of the shopping season.  These are perfect for last minute shoppers and a great place to land people searching on your branded terms to keep conversion rates up.

5. )  Make sure that all of your ad copy reflects the current offers on your site.  Is that complimentary fruit basket with every purchase still available? Free two day shipping? Got a date that was a month ago in your creatives?  Make sure that your copy reflects current offers and isn’t promoting things that aren’t available – and the only thing that’s worse than being the only one in a Cosby Christmas sweater at the holiday party is having holiday copy still running on Valentine’s Day.

Hope these tips helped and your holiday numbers were as good or better than projected.  If your holiday campaigns weren’t as “joyful” as you hoped, Webtrends would be glad to help with strategies, tactics, and technology to help make 2013 your best year yet.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Ads team!


Chase Wells

About the Author

Ads Partner Manager

Chase brings over 9 years of experience from both the Account Directing and Media Management sides of digital marketing. At Webtrends, Chase spends his days driving client strategy, solving problems, integrating solutions, and making sure everything is running smoothly across all partners and clients - both internally and externally. He's never had the same day twice, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

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