Introducing Webtrends Streams™

December 11th, 2012

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Wow!  Three years in the making from vision to execution and it’s finally here!  Today, Webtrends is proud to announce the Re-Imagination of Digital Marketing: Webtrends Streams.

After being in this business for 12 years and hearing countless users of Analytics solutions across the market complain about being challenged with getting value (regardless of the tool used), looking in the rearview mirror and spending countless hours poring over Reporting (not Analytics), Webtrends has released the beginning of a truly disruptive revolution to the future of Analytics.

Think of the world we live in today.  Data is proliferating like never before.  It is desensitizing us to the businesses we run.  We can no longer watch customers stroll through the store, browse, look at things, make decisions.  The world no longer lives in and experiences its business as it is going on.  Webtrends Streams brings it all to life around you.

It started with a simple concept: customer level behavior, as it happens, across all devices, open to feeding other solutions and leveraging math to master the information.  Make that behavior available to easy interrogation and you may just have something brilliant…beautiful…that the marketing world has been pining for all along.   My genius colleagues on the Webtrends Product Team, led by Bruce Kenny and Eric Butler, took to creation.  I have NEVER seen a group of engineers so giddy about the work they are doing.  We have Analytics 10, with the first ever Cross Channel View of all digital marketing efforts in the most elegant user experience available today.  We have Webtrends Segments, which leverages a customer-centric view of all behavior, across all devices and allows for Ad-Hoc Segmentation today.  But now we have completely re-imagined both, and brought together Webtrends Streams.  Bruce and his team made the investment to do it right, so that we can now innovate faster than the lumbering behemoths without constraint.

Streams  is strictly the tip of the iceberg of what is available.  Any customer today, and in the future, can be assured they are getting the most advanced, innovative platform for years and years to come.  Our customers were an integral part of defining and delivering the use cases for this solution. We are leveraging the tenets of “Big Data” through open-source proliferation of customer information, as it happens, on all of your properties.  It can be sliced and diced, moved into other systems and will leverage the advanced math of our Optimize solution.

 Now, imagine a world where…

  • you see your business as it happens.
  • real-time data drives better ROI.
  • you can optimize campaigns in real time.
  • real-time insight delivers a better customer experience.
  • you engage customers before they leave your site.
  • visitor data helps you optimize the web experience in real time.
  • you can measure and optimize your social marketing in real-time.
  • real-time data delivers greater Mobile relevance and higher ROI.
  • social engagement improves employee productivity.

Imagine the possibilities…

What Streams Is

  •  A digital intelligence solution that collects visitor-level behaviors as they happen across digital properties, including web sites, mobile and social channels, and brings to life these activities, creating an ‘as-it-happens’ view into any enterprise’s digital ecosystem
  • Digital intelligence that improves the enterprise – the rich, visitor-level intelligence that Streams provides is pushed into the marketing ecosystem and can be combined with optimization, segmentation and targeting solutions to drive immediate action and more relevant, real-time marketing activities than have ever been possible before
  • Unprecedented in terms of the scale and immediacy of the data
  • Available now
  • Real-time, as-it-happens digital intelligence to finally create highly relevant “right time” engagement
  • Re-Imagined digital marketing
  • A perfect reason to come to Engage 2013, where attendees can see the product in action, hear about real-life applications and use-cases of Streams and meet with Webtrends representatives to understand how Streams might help their businesses

What Streams is Not

  •  NOT just for Webtrends customers – companies do not need to be Webtrends analytics customers to use Streams.  Streams can be deployed in conjunction with – and used to augment – all existing digital analytics solutions
  • NOT just analytics – Streams is multi-channel, real-time digital intelligence that drives in the moment action, engagement and enhanced ROI
  • NOT like anything else on the market.  No other solution is comparable to the scale, immediacy and flexibility of Streams data
  • NOT just a product.  It is part of a solution!  Outside of the existing use cases, customers receive expert business consulting to help focus the solution on solving their business problems
  • NOT the end, but the beginning of a new series of first to market solutions

We’ve only scratched the surface of the applications that Streams has for marketing and e-business.  We’re continuing to test, iterate and innovate Streams, with a focus on  applications that drive predictive analytics, behavioral clustering and segment discovery and customer profile augmentation.

So, please, don’t miss the chance to see Streams in action at Engage 2013 in January.  Or, in the meantime, attend our Streams WEBINAR on Thursday, December 13th at 9 AM PST with Web Analytics Demystified’s Eric Peterson.

We think Eric said it best when, upon experiencing a demonstration of Streams, he said, and I quote:  “I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen a solution that’s truly revolutionary, truly disruptive. This is one of those times.”

Thanks, Eric.  We think so, too.



Alex Yoder

About the Author


As chief executive officer, Alex Yoder is responsible for worldwide operations and the overall strategic vision of Webtrends. During his tenure at Webtrends, he has successfully worked to expand the brand and deliver business value to global enterprises. His time at Webtrends tops off more than 20 years of global business experience spanning leadership roles across sales, marketing and operations. Alex won a Stevie Award for Executive of the Year in Computer Software at the 2011 American Business Awards and was recognized by the Portland Business Journal as the 2010 CEO of the Year in Technology.

2 Responses to “Introducing Webtrends Streams™”

  1. Alan Hamor

    Happy holidays, all our friends at WT, and congratulations
    on Streams! Alex, we saw the Streams session in NYC and it was simply
    amazing. Your team started the day with “Imagine…” and
    everyone did! Great addition to the platform, a real game-changer, and
    best wishes for its success. Alan


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