Big City, Bright Lights, Brighter Shoes: #didyouseethat in New York City

March 22nd, 2013

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It’s the reeeeee-mix!

That’s right: #didyouseethat is back! This time, the stage couldn’t be any bigger: New York City.

Let’s make one thing clear up-front: we’re not using the word “remix” lightly. As any good DJ will tell you, a killer remix must absolutely do three things:

  • Make You Do a Double Take. At some point, you should literally have to stop what you’re doing. Because you’re all, “Whoa. Did that really just happen?”
  • Stand On Its Own. You shouldn’t have to know anything about Version 1.0 to appreciate the new cut.
  • Improve On the Original. Make it better, or don’t make it.

With that said, let me be the first to introduce you to…


March 25-28, we’ll be at SES New York. If you’re there, we’ve got an amazing grand prize for you: design your own custom shoes AND win a flight anywhere you want AND get a free pass to a future SES show.

(I’m going to let that one sink in. One person at SES is going home with ALL THREE.)

Winning is really, really easy. Just:#didyouseethat in action

  1. Find the shoes on the show floor.
  2. Tweet a picture of the shoes with the hashtag #didyouseethat.

We’re also armed and ready with a ton of flash prizes – AMEX gift cards, a round of drinks at the bar, free coffee. Those always get snapped up fast, so keep an eye on @webtrends for how and when to win.

If nothing else, remember this: find the shoes, and the shoes will take care of you.

Not in NY? No problem.

For all of you who aren’t in New York this time around, no worries – we’re still hooking you up. Tell us what marketing conference you want to go to next, and we’ll get you there – tickets and airfare on us.

After all, #didyouseethat is all about showing you what’s cool and innovative in marketing. And some things are absolutely better in person. (Entering is easy. Takes 20 seconds max.)

Oh, and one more thing…

The last time you saw us, we were rocking a pair of most amazing blue shoes ever. Now, well, it’s time to meet the whole family:


I’m gonna go practice my hide-and-seek skills now. See y’all soon.

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