You’re going to hear Webtrends and the word “open” in the same sentence from now on–open access to data; open platform we develop upon; open exchange of information with our partners; and open communication with our customers and the rest of the web analytics community. This blog is an outgrowth of our openness. We hope to create dialogue with each and every person who cares, or is curious about Webtrends to check out this space.

Webtrends is comprised of some of the brightest and most dedicated people in this industry, who are passionate about what we do. We want to share their insights with you and invite you to do the same–add your thoughts and share your marketing challenges with us.

I want to be very clear – this blog is not a forum to pat ourselves on the back. It is a place to openly share ideas and expressions about our space along with the challenges that we all face day to day in trying to improve our marketing performance. Expect to see our growing community of technology partners highlighted as well as discussions from our customers, who we consider the core of our business. We’re committed to the success of our customers, and partnering with them to help build best-of-breed marketing optimization solutions – even when we are just a part of the solution.

The Webtrends blog is just one of the many places we interact on the internet (employee blogs, social networking, micro-blogging, bookmarking sites and other user-generated content). We provide our team members with social media guidelines to consider when engaging others online.