New Analyst Nearly Drowns In Flood of Requests

September 15th, 2010
Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Training

DEAR REPORT MONKEY, I just started a marketing analyst position, and already I’m getting flooded with requests for reports! The thing is, no one has any clue what to make of the data. I can’t spend all day building reports, trying to explain them and getting blank stares. How can I enable my colleagues to

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The Business of Marketing Is Marketing

August 31st, 2010
Filed Under: Digital Marketing

I’m in charge of training people how to use web analytics, and some of my most reluctant students work in marketing. Why? I didn’t know, so I sent an email to half of our Webtrends Certified Analysts, and I asked them: “What’s most valuable about the training you received in ‘Analytics for Marketing Professionals’?” The

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