Steve Earl

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

A Dozen Take-Aways from Webtrends Customers about Analytics On Demand

January 30th, 2013

Topics: Analytics, Analytics 10, Engage, Events, Featured

I moderated a panel at Engage 2013 today and interviewed three Webtrends customers about their measurement strategies and how they use Webtrends Analytics On Demand in support of those strategies. We covered topics from designing a measurement strategy, to democratizing data, to managing Webtrends within your enterprise and using digital intelligence beyond reports.

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Chad Giron

Senior Director, Media & Digital Influence

Do You Have Digital Intelligence? 5 Things About Digital Intelligence You’ll Learn From Webtrends and Forrester

September 17th, 2012

Topics: Analytics, Analytics 10, Digital Marketing, Featured, Innovations

Much like “big data,” the term digital intelligence is all the rage. Analysts are analyzing it. Mashable is covering it. Marketers are talking about it. Good thing, then, that Webtrends has teamed up with the industry’s foremost expert on digital intelligence, Forrester’s Joe Stanhope, to present a new webinar on September 19th at 9 a.m. PDT. “The Era of Digital Intelligence is Here. Are You Ready?” Well, are you?

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Benjamin Diggles

Director of Digital Marketing

“Webtrends Today” iPad App

August 10th, 2012

Topics: Analytics 10, Digital Marketing, Featured, Mobile, Mobile Measurement, Social

Today we are proud to announce the availability of a new, free app for iPad that places highly relevant marketing analytics and insights, including trending data from websites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, at users’ fingertips. The first of its kind app, Webtrends Today is available currently via iTunes.

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Kristie Conner

Sr. Solution Marketing Manager

The Value of “Open” in Today’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem

June 6th, 2012

Topics: About, Analytics, Analytics 10, Innovations, Services

Data in and data out … whether you want to push data from Analytics 10 into your CRM system, email service provider, or marketing automation tool, or pull data in from multiple digital locations such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for a unified view, we provide the tools to not just make it possible, but easy.

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