Loren Johnson

Senior Product Marketing Manager

SharePoint: Turning RO-Why into ROI

July 15th, 2014

Topics: Analytics, Digital Marketing, SharePoint

Many organizations use SharePoint as a one-stop shop for company collaboration, information and communication. As with any IT investment, the return must justify the expense and effort. However, most companies fail to treat it as a targeted communications solution and, rather than researching, measuring and tailoring the content to their users, SharePoint becomes a conglomerate

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Vladimir Brayman

Ph.D., Chief Scientist

The Power of Optimize

July 11th, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Innovations, Optimize

Recently, I spoke to a group of statisticians at the Joint Research Conference in Seattle about website testing. During the presentation, I explained the complex technology that underpins Optimize, our testing solution, but also highlighted the fact that we developed it to be used by marketers, not statisticians. It’s designed to let marketers run tests

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Stacia Secreriat

Digital Marketing Manager

Putting our own tools to work at Webtrends

July 2nd, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Online Testing, Optimization, Site Optimization, Testing

As a digital marketer, I’ve understood the benefits of running tests on a website for quite a while. But as a digital marketer for Webtrends, my interest and experience have reached new heights thanks to access to our own product – Webtrends Optimize. I spend a hefty amount of time using the tool to run

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Michael Wilson

Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Optimize

Conversions are only part of the customer experience equation

June 30th, 2014

Topics: Marketing Optimization

This week, I attended the Forrester Forum for Customer Experience Professionals in New York, which is a conference that provides research and insight on how to create the most compelling customer experiences in order to grow revenue, retain customers and have those customers recommend your brand. During my stay, I had an opportunity to speak

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Stacia Secreriat

Digital Marketing Manager

How to Plan Your Data Strategy

June 2nd, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing

Data is a funny thing. Everyone uses data to drive their decisions and everyone wants more. Typically, the thinking is, the more the better, the more you have the more likely you’ll reach the best decisions and outcomes. But that’s not necessarily true. There is an art to data. You don’t want to capture every

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Brendan Regan

Optimization Lead

A Perfect Fit: Mindjet, Agile Marketing and Optimization

May 19th, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing

Believing strongly in Agile Marketing is part of the reason why I’ve devoted the last six years of my career to consulting with clients on how to better test their sites and optimize their marketing. Recently, I’ve been working closely with Mindjet, an innovation management software company. The marketing team at Mindjet embraces the Agile

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