Stacia Secreriat

Digital Marketing Manager

Your website test was inconclusive – now what?

July 28th, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Optimization, Site Optimization, Testing

As more and more companies implement testing programs to determine optimal website content for their customers, it’s important to understand that all tests are valuable – even the ones that don’t appear so. In a recent article on Business2Community , I explain why inconclusive tests happen and why they aren’t cause for frustration. Read the

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Vladimir Brayman

Ph.D., Chief Scientist

The Power of Optimize

July 11th, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Innovations, Optimize

Recently, I spoke to a group of statisticians at the Joint Research Conference in Seattle about website testing. During the presentation, I explained the complex technology that underpins Optimize, our testing solution, but also highlighted the fact that we developed it to be used by marketers, not statisticians. It’s designed to let marketers run tests

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Stacia Secreriat

Digital Marketing Manager

Putting our own tools to work at Webtrends

July 2nd, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Online Testing, Optimization, Site Optimization, Testing

As a digital marketer, I’ve understood the benefits of running tests on a website for quite a while. But as a digital marketer for Webtrends, my interest and experience have reached new heights thanks to access to our own product – Webtrends Optimize. I spend a hefty amount of time using the tool to run

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Steve Earl

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Making Waves: Webtrends positioned as a leader in Forrester report

May 13th, 2014

Topics: Analytics, Featured, Optimization, Solutions

This year, Forrester Research named Webtrends as a leader in the Forrester Wave: Web Analytics, Q2 2014 report. This is the fifth time Webtrends has been positioned as a leader in web analytics by Forrester. The report evaluated six web analytics vendors based on 75 criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence. Webtrends was

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