Chad Giron

Senior Director, Media & Digital Influence

A New Webtrends Playbook: Maximizing Returns on Your Digital Marketing

January 30th, 2012

Topics: Analytics, Customer Stories, Digital Marketing, Optimization, Perspectives, Social

Whether you’re a CMO or a Marketing Manager, the one question you must inevitably answer – and the one that many dread most – is,

“What was our return on investment?”

Determining ROI has always been a challenge for Marketers. In digital marketing – a confusing tangle of ever-evolving channels and devices – determining ROI can sometimes seem like an insurmountable one.

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John Boyle

Digital Marketing / Optimization Consultant

4 Ways to Improve Your Submit Button

January 5th, 2012

Topics: Marketing Optimization, Services, Site Optimization, User Experience

When looking to improve conversion rates we often first look to the type of media we’re using to drive traffic to our site. However, there are some easy ways to improve our marketing performance right on our own site! By improving the click through rate on submit buttons you can potentially increase your marketing performance

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Mike Ricci

VP – Digital/Solutions Marketing

Digital Analytics, Social & Mobile—Central to the New Marketing Reality

November 2nd, 2011

Topics: Analytics, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Mobile Measurement, Optimization, Social

On the heels of a recent study that Webtrends undertook with Forrester comes another riveting piece of research from eMarketer that focuses on the current fracturing of the Internet and the explosion that is taking place in social and mobile. Like our Forrester study, the key take away here is that  “data driven” marketing will

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Marko Muellner

Senior Director of Marketing

Picking Up the Pieces: Secrets of Marketing in a Fragmented Digital World

October 10th, 2011

Topics: Analytics, Mobile, Mobile Measurement, Optimization, Site Optimization

Marketing is going through a period of significant evolution. The era of easily compartmentalized silos has been usurped by the Splinternet, a large-scale fragmentation of devices, data access, and technology standards. The Splinternet upends many of the assumptions upon which interactive marketing is based and, at the same time, presents both challenges and opportunities for

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Why Enterprise Marketers Should be Wary of Google Analytics

September 30th, 2011

Topics: About, Optimization, Perspectives, Search Engine Marketing

You might have heard about Google’s new enterprise analytics offering (just check Google search – LOL). As always, we’re delighted to see new developments within the industry, but we also believe it’s important to understand the details that marketers must consider when choosing a measurement and optimization partner. While Google expanding its analytics offering may,

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