Stacia Secreriat

Digital Marketing Manager

Putting our own tools to work at Webtrends

July 2nd, 2014

Topics: Digital Marketing, Online Testing, Optimization, Site Optimization, Testing

As a digital marketer, I’ve understood the benefits of running tests on a website for quite a while. But as a digital marketer for Webtrends, my interest and experience have reached new heights thanks to access to our own product – Webtrends Optimize. I spend a hefty amount of time using the tool to run

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Stephen Eide

Training and Development Specialist

Five Steps to Drive Double-Digit Conversion Lift

February 22nd, 2013

Topics: Conversion Optimization, Featured, Marketing Optimization, Online Testing, Site Optimization, Testing

Congratulations on being committed to using data instead of HIPPOs (the highest paid person’s opinion) when it comes to your online presence. Making modifications based on test results can generate amazing success – in the case of one insurance industry client, modifications resulted in a 70 percent lift in conversion rates.

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Vladimir Brayman

Ph.D., Chief Scientist

What Should You Expect from a Testing Tool?

February 19th, 2013

Topics: Campaign Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Marketing, Marketing Optimization, Optimization, Optimize, Perspectives, Site Optimization

Today we will look at what you should expect from good testing tools in your marketing programs and campaigns. In my previous blogs, I showed that: Decision making requires causal relationships. The causal relationships can be found only through carefully performed experimentation, the process that is not that different from the scientific method. I also mentioned at

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