Larry Freed

President and CEO, ForeSee Results

Our Plan of Attack

July 27th, 2009

Topics: Optimization

ForeSee Results’ goal is three-fold: 1) We want Webtrends to understand visitor satisfaction with this microsite and be able to see how it changes over time as the campaign changes. 2) We want to use customer-driven data to help Webtrends prioritize which changes or improvements to the site will make you, the site visitor, more

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Director, Social Products

Recap of Social Media Club with Jeremiah Owyang at Webtrends

July 24th, 2009

Topics: Company News

It was great hosting the Social Media Club with Jeremiah Owyang at our offices this week. Pizza, beer, and beautiful weather for the rooftop patio added to the great discussion facilitated by Nate DiNiro. Owyang spoke about things like the scalability problems with social media, utility of Twitter to small businesses, and how email is

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Elizabeth Robillard

Former Director of Agency Programs, Webtrends

Access the Data

July 23rd, 2009

Topics: Measurement

For me, this campaign is about getting access to the data – freeing the data from the analysts domain and pushing out to the public. Too often we rely on the analyst to make sense of the numbers in dashboards and scorecards and weekly reports. But, in a marketing team, these are all OUR numbers.

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Software Engineer

Early Campaign Analytics Visualization

July 22nd, 2009

Topics: Measurement

Welcome to the Open Campaign! It’s still quite early in the campaign, but we’re using Webtrends Analytics to measure site traffic, conversion events, and the success of various campaigns. To start us off, I’ve used the Webtrends data extraction API to build a visualization of our current Page Views and Visits. We’ve also quickly highlighted

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Myllisa Patterson

Marketing Optimization Analyst

Is Digital Marketing Easy? An Introduction To The Open Campaign

July 21st, 2009

Topics: Measurement, Optimization

My name is Myllisa and I’m a digital marketer. Actually, I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Webtrends. Together with our partners we provide solutions that are designed  to create marketing euphoria. We make it sound so easy. Launch a campaign, collect some data, look at it, make a decision, optimize, collect more data and report

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