Joseph Drury

Account Manager, Webtrends Ads

Segmenting Your PPC Campaigns (Part 3)

February 1st, 2013

Topics: Measurement, Optimization, Solutions

Today marks the third and final installment of our blog post series on PPC account segmentation. During the first post we looked at ways to segment your PPC account by content and location. Next, we looked at ways to Segment your ppc accounts by Device and Medium (Search or Display). Today, we look at ways to segment your accounts by Network (Owned and Operated or Partner) and Match Type.

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Chad Giron

Senior Director, Media & Digital Influence

A New Webtrends Playbook: Maximizing Returns on Your Digital Marketing

January 30th, 2012

Topics: Clients & Partners, Measurement, Optimization, Trends

Whether you’re a CMO or a Marketing Manager, the one question you must inevitably answer – and the one that many dread most – is,

“What was our return on investment?”

Determining ROI has always been a challenge for Marketers. In digital marketing – a confusing tangle of ever-evolving channels and devices – determining ROI can sometimes seem like an insurmountable one.

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